F20 Black Atlantic: Resources, Pedagogy, and Scholarship on the 18th Century Black Atlantic

Draft and Action Plan


Currently, I am drafting the timeline for project. As I go through the database, I notice that I am having some difficulty in finding rare Louisiana creole texts. I assume that these texts were not widely publicized and went out of print early. Due to covid and other accessibility issues, I am also unable to visit or have access to important archives that may have these materials. Catherine Savage Brosman's Louisiana Creole Literature  has been of great help as it explores many rare texts. Unfornately, some texts that I know of cannot be included into my study as I have not read them myself. 

Action Plan: 
1. After drafting and adding to my timeline, I will need to find how my project is situated within the digital humanities. Lousiana creole culture is a dying culture and needs to be preserved, thus, there needs to be discussion on my topic. I think my topic is very relevant to digital humanities as there is not much work on my topic. 
2. I also need to consider a work plan. Like I mentioned earlier, some texts are not accessible. If I did have access to these text, I could begin to do more research regarding my topic. Also, the knightlabs tool can only allow me to do so much. After the draft is done, I think this project is serious enough for me to continue. I would need grants and access to more material to create a fully comprehensible project. 

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