F20 Black Atlantic: Resources, Pedagogy, and Scholarship on the 18th Century Black Atlantic


Posting A Reading Response (Jimisha)
1. Click on the Plus sign in the top right corner
2. Put in a title for your response.
3. For description, put your name (this makes it easier to keep track of your posts in the Content list of the Dashboard).
4. Paste or type your response.
5. Hit “Save and View.”
6. This creates another page for your reading response.

Connecting Your Reading Response to Your Author Page (Jimisha)
1. Click on the wrench in the upper right corner.
2. Select “Content.”
3. Scroll to your Author Page.
4. Click the pencil icon in the upper right corner.
5. Scroll down, select “Relationships,” then “Path.”
6. Click “Add Content,” then scroll to your reading response and select it. Scroll all the way down, Click “Add selected.”
7. You should be directed back to your author page, which now has your post connected.
8. Follow these instructions for each reading response and assignment in the course. Eventually, your author page will contain ALL your other pages.

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