F20 Black Atlantic: Resources, Pedagogy, and Scholarship on the 18th Century Black Atlantic

Week 08: Friday, October 16:Muslim Slave Narratives, Hans Sloane, the British Museum, Colonialism as Curation

All Primary:
Bluett. Some Memoirs of the Life of Job, the Son of Solomon (1734)

Said and Jameson. Autobiography of Omar ibn Said, Slave in North Carolina, 1831. (1925):

Choose ONE  from Secondary (more tba):
Horn, Patrick E. “Coercion, Conversions, Subversions: The Nineteenth-Century Salve Narratives of Omar ibn Said, Mahommah Gardo Baquaqua, and Nicolas Said.” a/b: Auto/Biography Studies 27.1 (Summer 2012): 45-66

Osman, Ghada and Camille F. Forbes. “Representing the West in the Arabic Language: The Slave Narrative of Omar Ibn SaidJournal of Islamic Studies 15.3: (2004): 331-343
Colley. “The Narrative of Elizabeth Marsh: Barbary, Sex, and Power,” Joseph “Proxies of Power: Woman in the Colonial Archive,” Teltscher “The Lama and The Scotsman: George Bogle in Bhutan and Tibet, 1774-1775” in Global 18th Century

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