Findings Concerning the Chrono Trigger PlayStation Re-Release

In staying true to the original Chrono Trigger cultural artifact, this re-release (which came bundled with Final Fantasy IV in North America) preserved nearly all of the characteristics already present from the original work, regardless of localization. Because of this, gamer communities in North America experienced Japanese culture in virtually the same way that players did six years prior, as they were influenced by Ted Woolsey’s translation, the strict censorship imposed by Nintendo of America, as well as the Japanese cultural themes that managed to be preserved (be they metaphorical or substantial).
However, with the passing of time came the extra space afforded by compact disks, ultimately allowing the introduction of new supportive content in the form of anime style cutscenes and an “Extras” feature. These contemporary additions enhanced the narrative structure of Chrono Trigger, reinforcing scenes and characters appreciated by gamers, as well as granting these players the ability to view their progress by amassing unlockable content. In the end, these qualities were faithfully adapted from the Japanese PlayStation (PS) re-release to the North American iteration, articulating new cultural material in an authentic light.

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