Photos of the Chrono Trigger Japanese PS CD and Its Contents

[The following is a translation of the ephemera encased within the original Japanese PlayStation (PS) release of Chrono Trigger.]

General Comments about the Packaging for the Japanese PlayStation release of Chrono Trigger

This iteration of Chrono Trigger came in a standard PS CD jewel case unlike its North American counterpart (which came in double-disk installments). This meant that the instruction booklet had to fit within a tighter space, ultimately resulting in more condensed content.

About the Version Used in this Project

This Japanese PS CD and its contents were purchased from eBay specifically for this project. This complete artifact was important for the player for the purpose of reviewing game mechanics and controls, as well as gaining a more in-depth knowledge of this iteration as a whole. It was made known to the player which version this was, and the history and culture intrinsically attached to it.

Japanese PlayStation CD Case Contents

▹ One PlayStation CD

▹ One Instruction Booklet

English Translation of Instruction Booklet

Thanks to the assistance of local Japanese translator Alisha Rast, the instruction booklet was translated in its entirety. The following is a literal interpretation of the content featured in the booklet. It has been compiled in  two Adobe PDF files down below. Please allow adequate time for the file to download. 
▹ Chrono Trigger PlayStation Instruction Booklet (front-page 19)  (pdf, 434 KB)
Chrono Trigger Super Famicom Instruction Booklet (page 20-back)  (pdf, 159 KB)

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