Digital History Seminar: 20th Century Spain

Exhibit Proposal

Read the thematic exhibit prompt, and create a proposal that contains the following:

I. Overview and Mission Statement

Your overview and mission statement should provide an introduction to your exhibit, and enumerate its specific goals. Please address the following questions:

II. Tools Outline

What Scalar features and/or digital humanities tools will you use in your exhibit? You may break these into categories, describing what each tool will allow you to do and why it is well suited to your contribution.

III. Assets

What images, interviews, documents, videos, music, and other assets will you use from the digital collection to build your exhibit? What assets do you need to locate and add to the digital collection for the purposes of your exhibit?

IV. Milestones

You have roughly five weeks to complete your exhibit. You must create a timetable and keep to it. This is not just a formality, but an essential way to keep on task. This is not a project in which you can cram all of the tasks into the last week of the semester, as you will run out of time before you can complete the exhibit. Identify what work you will do and set due dates on your timeline for the completion of each. List the “deliverables” (concrete things you will finish) and other less tangible steps in your process, such as decisions or acquisition of assets. Hold yourself to these dates, while building in some flexibility, recognizing that sometimes technology fails us and that unexpected demands may require our attention and our time.

V. Bibliography

To complete this exhibit, you must know the literature on your selected theme, so your exhibit proposal must include a bibliography that lists a minimum of five secondary sources and annotations that explain the value of each to your contribution. For more information about how to prepare an annotated bibliography, consult Michael Engle's guide.

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