Transboundary E-waste

The landscape of coauthors and places of publication.

One useful way for users to orient themselves in the landscape of scholarly literature is to visualize who publishes with whom and where (i.e., place of publication such as journal title or conference proceedings title). Below users will find a visualization doing just this. For easier navigation we suggest users open the visualization in a separate browser window by clicking here. The full procedure for creating the graph is available here.
This visualization presents a wealth of useful information to help users orient themselves in the scholarly literature. The authors with the most coauthors appear nearer the center of the graph. The size of a given author node is proportional to the number of citations that author receives. Colors indicate different publishing venues (e.g., journal titles, conference proceedings titles, etc).

The top five publication venues are:
  1. Waste Management (pink)
  2. Science of the Total Environment (green)
  3. Waste Management and Research (blue)
  4. Environmental Science and Technology (black)
  5. Resources, Conservation and Recycling (orange)
The top five most highly cited authors are:
  1. Williams, E.
  2. Xu, M.
  3. Kahhat, R.
  4. Allenby, B.
  5. Kim, J.
Clicking on any node in the network will launch a side panel with additional information about the institutional affiliation(s) of all authors in a coauthor cluster. Such information offers a quick way for users to understand what institutions are supporting the work of the authors.

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