To Pimp a Butterfly

Wesley's Theory Evidence I

          In 2008, Wesley Snipes was convicted guilty for three misdemeanor counts of willfully failing to file federal taxes. During the trial, the government argued that Snipes evaded his taxes because he was abiding to tax protestor theory. In result, Snipes was sentenced to three years in prison; a punishment that Snipes and his lawyer thought was extreme. In an interview with Larry King, Snipes’ lawyer mentioned how a man was given probation for six months even though he plead guilty to tax evasion, a federal crime, and withheld more money from the government than Snipes did (King). In reference to the ruling, Snipes mentioned how the media misrepresented the details of the case and his image, which swayed the unfair ruling. Snipes specifically recalls how one of the prosecutors told the judge not to offer community service because Snipes’ fans would consider that a victory for their cause, which was assumed to be tax protesting (King).

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