To Pimp a Butterfly

u Evidence II

          “Bradshaw states: ‘Shame begets shame. The cycle begins with the false belief system that all addicts have, that no one would want them or love them as they are… This deep internalized shame gives rise to distorted thinking. The distorted thinking can be reduced to the belief that I’ll be okay if I drink, eat, have sex, get more money, work harder, etc… Worth is measured on the outside, never on the inside.” (hooks 140). By noting that “money can’t stop a suicidal weakness”, Lamar acknowledges that his acquisition of monetary success cannot alleviate his internal struggle and depression. However, it is implied that this epiphany occurred at the point of Lamar’s journey where he already acquired the money from his mainstream success; thus, implying he is in a position of internal confusion because he worked for his success thinking that would make him happy, when, in fact, that worsened his emotional state.

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