To Pimp a Butterfly

The Blacker The Berry Evidence I

          The statement “them say we doomed from the start ‘cah we black” is more problematic than it seems because it reveals a hidden history that America was involved in scientific racism; eugenics. The aim of eugenics operations were merely to “protect” the white gene by eradicating other bloodlines (BBC). During this time, people actually went to college and received degrees in “race hygiene” (BBC). This “science” was so influential that the findings were used to pass eugenics based marriage laws, in 27 states, in order to prevent interracial marriages (BBC). The United States, then, was seen as the symbol of progressive theory and practices. Thus, other nations, like Sweden and Germany, started their own eugenics programs to save their respective “bloodlines” because America influenced them. America actually funded German eugenics with Rockefeller grants, which helped the scientists sterilize and kill mentally ill children (BBC). I believe this disgusting piece of American history has been buried from discussion because the success of early German eugenics experiments influenced the nation to eradicate the Jewish people in the Holocaust. Thus, it is frightening that people in political power, and common citizens, use and believe in such hateful rhetoric because it relates to such dark times where a field used racist beliefs to kill other humans.

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