To Pimp a Butterfly

Momma Evidence I

          In A World of Ideas with Bill Moyers, Cornel West discussed why the crisis in Black leadership exists, and how to solve it. West argues that too many Black intellectuals either want to leave their communities completely, or stay in their community without decolonizing their mind (Moyers). According to West, Black people need an intellectual that is willing to obtain knowledge from other sectors of the world and return that information to the community. In reference to Black intellectuals that aim to abandon their communities completely, West argues that, as a community, we place too much pressure on Black intellects to garner a political position. This moves attention away from creating grassroots movements when the Black community needs leaders in both divisions (Moyers). Having a mixture of Black leaders in grassroots movements and political positions is effective because grassroots leaders are focused on promoting truth and organization while a political leader’s primary focus is obtaining votes. The best way to solve the crisis in Black leadership is to understand and acknowledge all issues from political to social.

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