To Pimp a Butterfly

Institutionalized Evidence III

          Instead of acknowledging the government’s history of systemic economic oppression, the people leading the government use rhetoric to shift blame onto suffering Black constituents. President Obama had mentioned, in reference to Chicago gun violence, that, “We have to provide stronger role models than the gangbanger on the corner” (Taylor 26). Taylor summarizes his point by noting, “The problem… is that crime and poverty in cities are not products of inequality, but of a lack of discipline. Black youth need better values and better role models to change the culture that produces their dysfunctional and violent behavior…” (Taylor 26). The sentiments of Kendrick Lamar’s persona discuss the internal moral complication of living in poverty while seeing others live lavishly. Unfortunately, President Obama does not discuss what made the “gangbanger on the corner”. Instead, he chose to demean the man seeking help to survive economically; even though the government’s effectiveness is based on the quality of life for all citizens, and not only a few.

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