To Pimp a Butterfly

Institutionalized Evidence I

          Here Lamar portrays what it is like to be struggling economically in America, while other people are living lavishly. The character wants immediate profit hoping that will change his financial position, which leads him to wanting to rob these rich people flaunting their expenses.
          Ever since the New Deal Era, probably even further than then, the government has been relocating funds and government assistance away from Black citizens.  The New Deal guaranteed federal support with mortgage on new homes that resided in the suburbs. Thus influencing citizens, and the government, to leave urban spaces quickly. Taylor also mentions that,” As businesses  began to relocate their firms and entire industries to suburban areas because of lower land costs and taxes, the urban disinvestment dynamic was exacerbated, leaving cities bereft of the jobs that had initially lured millions of people to them in the first place” (Taylor 32). Even during the Cold War Era, where the American government felt socialism threatened democracy, “Elected officials in both parties continued to demonize social welfare as socialism or communism as an affront to free enterprise, as did private-sector actors who had financial interest in seeing the American government shift its functions to private institutions.” (Taylor 34).

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