Sailing the British Empire : The Voyages of The Clarence, 1858-73

The Crew / Acknowledgments

The research team for this project comprised twelve first-year students at the University of Pennsylvania, representing three schools (Arts & Sciences, Wharton, Engineering).

After reading the log of the Clarence, each student identified an area of interest, though these evolved over the course of the semester. The overall goal was to present a portfolio of individual projects, with a common purpose of explicating the history of the Clarence and its times. Some of the students have signed their contributions. Across the project as a whole, there has been a good deal of collaboration, with regard to the research and also the use of the platform.  From the outset, we sought to create a site that could bring the story of the Clarence to a wider audience. We hope you enjoy what we have produced.

Sam Bryggman
Juan Celi
Neeraj Chandrasekhar
Ana Chisholm
Cristian Garcia
Noelle Graham
Arbab Khalid
Jeff Kraslow
Ian Petrie (instructor)
Nate Robinson
Matt Schofield
Matt Spellman
Alden Terry


We have incurred many debts in the making of this site.

Thanks to John Pollack and Mitch Fraas of the Kislak Center, Van Pelt Library, University of Pennsylvania for their cheerful assistance and encouragement in our use of MS Coll. 832 and other materials.  Thanks as well to Penn librarians David Azzolina, Joseph Holub and Pushkar Sohoni, and for the splendid service of the Interlibrary Loans department.

In conducting the preliminary research, Ian Petrie is grateful to the staffs of the following collections: Caird Library of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich; the Asian & African Studies Department, British Library; Maritime History Archive, Memorial University. He especially appreciates the assistance of Kory Penney and Professor Valerie Burton at the MHA.

Numerous institutions and individuals also made possible our remote research in fall 2015: 
James Caron, Anjali Caroll and Matt Hersch gave us access to materials in London, Providence and Cambridge, MA. The State Library of Victoria, the National Library of Australia and the Norwich Record Office swiftly filled requests for digitized documents.

We are especially grateful to those collections and individuals giving permission for the reproduction of images: the British Library; the National Library of Scotland; the National Maritime Museum; the Maritime History Archive; the Sunderland and Winter Garden Museum; the State Library of Victoria; Anne Buddle; Sally Berridge.

Special thanks to Gaiutra Bahadur, whose book Coolie Woman and visit informed and inspired us.

Lastly, we are grateful for the tools which have made this presentation possible: Scalar, CartoDB and StorymapJS.

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