The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo

Kid Power

Young kids' voices are often disregarded in conversations about food access and justice. When listened to and given the chance to speak, kids often have much to say. Younger kids are often asked more basic and easier-to-answer questions in interviews, but even when they answer in simple words, their ideas and thoughts are more in depth. Here are a sampling of kid interviews. They answer simple questions with thoughtful responses that point out key aspects of the food movement. 

Yingsoon explains in this interview that his favorite food family is eating Pho with his whole family. A simple memory to Yingsoon points out the importance of culturally relative food to communities, and the importance of family gatherings.

Larissa explains that while healthy food doesn't have to be extremely expensive, some people still cannot afford to consistently purchase healthy foods. This is a major problem relating to food justice and access, and even kids understand this! 

Savon's favorite food memory is Sunday Dinner with the family. He explains how everyone brings something they have made to share. Savon points out the importance of coming together over food. A consistent meal with family can become a safe, and trusting space to share, speak, and listen. 

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