Rebooting Electronic Literature Volume 3: Documenting Pre-Web Born Digital Media

Photos of Megan Heyward's "of day, of night"

Megan Heyward's of day, of night was published in 2004 on CD-ROM and constitutes the last hypertext that Eastgate Systems, Inc. published until 2016 when it re-released Michael Joyce's afternoon, a story and Shelley Jackson's Patchwork Girl and published his own work Those Trojan Girls on USB Stick and as a downloadable file. This version of Heyward's novel remains the only one of the work. 

Version 1.1 (2004) Jewel Case, Front

The jewel case containing the CD-ROM for of day, of night displays a photo of a woman wandering through a forest. Her face occupies the right-hand side of the image, while trees and yellow foliage mainly comprise the left. Everything in the picture is washed over in a white light. White space frames the image above and below. of day, of night is written in script at the bottom-right of the cover, italicized. "M E G A N  H E Y W A R D" can be read in white type vertically along the right edge of the main photograph.

Version 1.1 (2004) Jewel Case, Back

Photos of the various artifacts present in of day, of night are situated along the top and bottom of the jewel case's back. In the middle is a white rectangle containing summary and biography info about the work, situated in two columns. "Synopsis" and "Biography" are written above their respectful columns, overlapping the white rectangle and the photographs.

The following paragraphs comprise the first column, in black text:

"A map of sorts. A handful of objects. A problem with dreaming.

In 'of day, of night', a woman has lost the ability to dream. She sets herself a series of creative tasks in an attempt to spark her unconscious into dreaming again. Readers select objects from various locations in the day — a street, the market, the river or cafĂ© — and imagine their fictional traces and histories. The objects and their stories collide, transmute and create new meanings in the dream environment of Night. The reader is captivated by the journey into the deep, fragmented nature of dreaming and the unexpected collisions of everyday life.

Part narrative, part game, part memory and part dream, 'of day, of night' is an unusually engaging, explorative work of new media."

The following paragraphs comprise the second column, in black text. A black and white photo of Megan Heyward and her daughter comprise the upper-left corner of the column:

"Megan Heyward is a new media artist and Senior Lecturer in the program area of Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology, Sydney. Using video, sound and text, Heyward explores and experiments with the intersections of narrative and interactivity, creating stories of luscious intensity. Her projects have been widely exhibited internationally and are winners of several new media awards. 'of day, of night', produced in association with the Australian Film Commission and the University of Technology, Sydney, has been exhibited in Europe, Asia and Australia and was highly commended at the AIMIA awards 2003."

The logo of the Australian Film Commission is situated in the bottom-right corner of the white rectangle. Bottom-left is an ISBN number that reads "1-884511-45-7."

Two bar codes are situated at the bottom-left of the jewel case's back cover. Underneath the first reads "9 781884 511455." Above the second reads "53500."

Version 1.1 (2004) Jewel Case, CD-ROM and Jewel Case, Open

A slip of paper behind the jewel case's cover contains instructions for navigation. The main image is similar to the one on the front cover, though the back of the woman's head is displayed on the left side with yellow foliage on the right. The photograph appears to be washed in white light, with a thick white border framing the top and bottom of the image. The instructions for navigation are situated on the right side, with the word "Instructions"  in handwritten script overlapping the image and the white space above it. The following is printed in black text: 

For PC: You may run "of day, of night" directly from your CD-ROM. To install to your computer, create a folder for "of day, of night" on your hard drive and copy the entire contents of the CD into the folder.

Do not attempt to run "of day, of night" directly from the CD-ROM. Macintosh users must install entire CD-ROM (518 MB) onto the hard drive for optimum performance.

To install: Create a folder for "of day, of night" on your hard drive and copy the entire contents of the CD into a folder.

Underneath the column of text is the copyright information:

Copyright © 2004 by Megan Heyward. Software copyright © 1992-2004 by Eastgate Systems Inc. Packaging and documentation © 2004 by Eastgate Systems. All rights reserved. Package design by Tem Chang. Unauthorized sale or distribution of this material is expressly prohibited.

In the white space beneath the main image, the contact information for Eastgate Systems, Inc. can be found.

Column left, aligned right:
(800) 562-1638
(617) 924-9044
FAX (617) 924-9051

In the center is the logo of Eastgate Systems, Inc; an intricate brick entryway placed in a brick wall.

Column right, aligned left:
Eastgate Systems I N C
134 Main Street
Watertown, MA 02472

The CD-ROM is contained in the right-hand side of the jewel case. The same image on the cover appears on the disc's front, with white space above and below it. "of day, of night" is written in navy blue script above and center of the photograph, overlapping the white space. "M E G A N  H E Y W A R D" is written in navy blue across the bottom of the photograph. In the white space below reads "For Macintosh or Windows," followed by a logo for "COMPACT DISC DIGITAL DATA." Copyright information regarding of day, of night runs along the bottom circular perimeter of the disc.

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