Rebooting Electronic Literature Volume 3: Documenting Pre-Web Born Digital Media

Megan Heyward's "of day, of night"

Megan Heyward's Biography

Megan Heyward is a Senior Lecturer in Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology Sydney. Megan is a digital media writer, an artist, an academic, and an educator who situates her media practice at the intersection of storytelling and emerging technologies. She has worked across a wide range of media, including video, audio, still photography, text, and hypertext. Her work has taken the formats of electronic literature, hypertext, augmented reality, mobile, locative, and other new digital media formats. She interweaves moving images, literature, game elements into her interactive aesthetics. Megan’s work has been exhibited and featured across the world, at home in Australia and also in Asia, Europe, and in both North and South America. Her work has appeared at the Centre Pompidou and at the Sydney Opera House.

Over a career covering more than two decades, Megan’s work has been noted for its innovative use of sound in narrative and for exploring new avenues for artistic expression that emerging media possess. Her works include I Am a Singer (1997), of day, of night (2004), Traces: stories written upon this town (2006), Cleanse (2010), Notes for Walking (2013),The Secret Language of Desire (2015) and The Alchemist’s Guide to the City (2017). 


Versions of of day, of night

✭ Version 1.0 CD-ROM for Macintosh and PCs 
1.1 Dated 2004


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