Puerto Rico's libraries, archives and museums road to recovery: A timeline of events after Hurricane Maria

Interview: Center for Access to Information, Inter American University of Puerto Rico Bayamón Campus

By: Natalia M. Lucena Trujillo
Date: April 2019

Sandra Rosa was, and is, the current director of the Center for Access to Information (CAI) when hurricanes Irma and Maria struck the island. The Institution followed planned procedures to protect assets of the building. A few days after the Hurricane the employees were able to assess the damage of the structure and the collections. They experienced mold, broken windows, water damage on paintings, and trees that fell around the structure.

Due to the prompt cleaning plans, and the disbursement of funds to evaluate and restore the paintings that were damaged, in just three weeks after the hurricane they were operating for the public even without power to accommodate their students and campus population.

One of the flaws they saw was that they didn’t have an emergency generator and currently they are installing one for future situations.

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