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Readers' Traversal Protocol

This document, produced on June 10, 2013, was sent in advance to all readers to help them prepare for their traversals.  Since most readers were unfamiliar with the artists, works, early digital literature, and hypertext, we also reviewed the document with the reader on the day of his or her traversal.  We also spoke to readers by phone about the protocol in order to further explain the process.
1.  Prep
a.  Author may be present but should not speak
b.  PIs will give some general guidance about system and hardware
c.  Reader should start with initial help or information file/lexia, if such exists. 
2.  Reading
Reader does not have to read aloud the text of each lexia.  However, s/he should do the following:
a.  Announce the link or interface feature s/he is using for the transition
b.  Reflect briefly on the progress of the narrative (or experience) (Where are you?  Where do you think you're going…?)
c.  Reader should verbalize questions, but PIs will answer only in case of malfunction
d.  Reader sets pace; can go as slowly or quickly as desired
e.  Reader may quit traversal at any point; we may require up to three attempts, if traversal seems short; aiming at 20 minutes of activity total

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