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Readers' Interview Questions

These questions, produced on June 10, 2013, were used for interviewing a reader following his or her traversal.  We did not send the questions to the readers in advance because we felt that without developing a familiarity with a work, the reader would not have the context for understanding some of the questions.
1.  Tell us about your reading experience, in general terms.  We're interested not only in how it may have differed from your experience of books, but also how it may relate to your experiences of other electronic media – the World Wide Web, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Differences?  Similarities?
2.  More specifically: how often did you follow (or feel you were following) a predetermined sequence?  How often did you feel you were departing from a pre-set course?
3.  (For VG, Funhouse, and Patchwork Girl):  did you use the diagrams or pictorial maps at all? 
4.  You obviously haven't seen every bit of the work.  As a guess, what percentage of the work do you think you have seen in your reading?
5.  What do you think may be in the unseen parts?
6.  If you had to use a metaphor or analogy to describe this work, what would you choose?
7.  How did the use of vintage equipment affect the experience? 
8.  Would your experience of the text have been significantly different if you had read on a mobile device (smart phone or tablet) instead of an early PC?

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