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Artists' Traversal Protocol

This document, produced on June 10, 2013, was sent in advance to all artists to help them prepare for their traversals. 
1.  Prep
a. Author may prepare a specific reading strategy, though this is not required.
b.  Prefatory remarks about platform, conception, genesis of the work (etc.) are welcome, but the Traversal should concentrate on exhibition or demonstration of the work.
2.  Reading
a. The author should read aloud the text of each lexia or unit.
b.   Please announce the link or interface feature used in making a transition from one lexia or part to the next.
c.  Reflections or commentary are welcome at any point, though we are aiming for an extensive or representative encounter with the work, so please keep things moving.
d.  There can be more than one encounter within the recording session; we aim to record for about an hour.

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