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Essays about Malloy's Uncle Roger

This page contains two critical essays by Dene Grigar about Judy Malloy's Uncle Roger. The first, entitled "Exhibiting Uncle Roger: Challenges of Presentation,"is derived from a part of the presentation Grigar gave at the Electronic Literature Organization 2013 Conference in Paris, on September 26. The paper, which includes much additional information, was published a year later as "Curating Electronic Literature as Critical and Scholarly Practice" in Digital Humanities Quarterly. The second, "The Structure of Uncle Roger," was published originally for the Pathfinders blog in September 2013. In both cases, the essays have been republished as close to the original versions as possible; however, as I dug deeper into researching the work, I was able to gather more details about it. This means that the version of the first article in this book has more exacting information than the article published in the journal.

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