Lounging in the 60s

Thank you Kelly Cahill

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to Kelly Cahill, the curator of Beaver Meadows Visitor Center at Rocky Mountain National Park. Without her help, this project could not have happened. 

Beyond simply showing us the objects, Kelly Cahill has helped us navigate the archives in order to find the most relevant information. We discovered many leads regarding the people connected with Beaver Meadows, but it was Kelly Cahill's assistance in connecting us to the material and important reports that have truly made this exhibit successful. 

In thanks for all of the hard work Kelly Cahill has contributed to this project, we would like to provide a digital resource for the Beaver Meadows archives. This is a collection of all of the primary sources used, digitized and organized for future research.  Additionally, at the end of this chapter the Master Bibliography and all citations have been hyperlinked to their respective bibliographic information.

We hope that this website provides additional in-depth knowledge of the objects and architecture of Beaver Meadows, but also leads to further paths of inquiry. From investigations into additional Taliesin architectural projects to studies of the furnishings in other Mission 66 era visitor centers, we hope this website spurns new questions about Beaver Meadows and what Mission 66 meant to both the national parks and the American public. Most importantly, we hope that this website provides Kelly Cahill with a useful and collective resource for her management of the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center archives. 

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