Lounging in the 60s

Ray Sumner

email: executive_director@therobertlucasfoundation.org
phone: (910) 619-1857

Served as the Project Leader, primary source researcher, and presentation team member for this project.  My Public History interests are focused on nineteenth century Western History and specifically the expeditions of Major John Wesley Powell to the Colorado, Utah, and Arizona in 1867 - 1875.  He established a foundation in 2014 to organize sesquicentennial events for the Powell expeditions including a retrace in 2019 of the 1869 river expedition through the Grand Canyon, the development a traveling museum exhibit, oversea the development of digital history applications, and the establishment of community of interest to synchronize sesquicentennial events. In April, he volunteers as a Public Historian for the Grand Canyon River Guides (GCRG) on their annual Guides Training Trip through the Grand Canyon teaching Powell river history; photo is of Ray at Separation Rapids (River Mile 240).

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