Mother Earth and Resource Extraction: Women Defending Land and Water

Practical Guides for the Defense of Land and Water in Canada

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A Fractivist’s Toolkit | The Council of Canadians

The purpose of this toolkit is to help people and communities fight fracking, protect water and public health, and curb climate change. It was inspired in response to the inquiries the Council of Canadians receives from people who have just heard that fracking is happening in their community and don’t know what to do about it.

A global database of chlorophyll and water chemistry in freshwater lakes | Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity
Chlorophyll is an important variable used to assess water quality in freshwater lakes around the globe. Using a systematic review of the peer-reviewed literature and online repositories, we compiled a database of chlorophyll values. When available, we also aggregated data on lake morphology and water chemistry.

Behind the Scenes of Extractives: Money, Power and Community Resistance | JASS
This is a course of six popular education exercises on ‘Investment chains in extractives projects.’

Community Tools and Resources | Yellowhead Institute
Yellowhead is committed to supporting First Nations ability to organize and mobilize to protect their rights. As such, we will be releasing tools and resources related to the topics and issues in Land Back over the coming weeks. These include factsheets, short explanatory documents, infographics and more.

DataStream is open access and built with communities, policy-makers and researchers in mind. Our mission is to promote knowledge sharing and advance collaborative water stewardship.
Direct-to-Digital Mapping Methodology: A Hands-on Guidebook for Applying Google Earth | Steven DeRoy for The Firelight Group (2006)
This guide will assist you to map points, lines and areas using Google Earth software.

The Earth Defenders Toolkit
The Earth Defenders Toolkit is a collaborative space for earth defenders and their allies. The Toolkit provides a growing collection of resources and training materials for communities on the frontlines of the struggle to defend critical ecosystems around the world, and community networks for users to connect and share their experiences.

Global HydroLAB | McGill University
Global rivers and hydrology.

IBA Community Toolkit (2015) | Ginger Gibson and Ciaran O’Faircheallaigh
The IBA Community Toolkit is a free resource for First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities in Canada considering impact and benefit agreements, specifically those with mining companies. While the Toolkit focuses primarily on the mining industry, many of the issues and processes addressed in the Toolkit are relevant to the making of agreements in other industry sectors and contexts, including protected areas, oil and gas, hydro and forestry.

Online Research on Canadian and US Corporations: An Activist Guide | Mining Justice Action Committee
Read this activist guide for tips and sources for doing online corporate research.

Protecting Your Community Against Mining Companies and Other Extractive Industries: A Guide for Community Organizers (2009) | Carlos Zorrilla
This guide describes aspects of the mining process, the dangers you and your community face when mining companies seek to operate in your community, and the many ways you can fight back. It is intended for use by regional/national leaders who can work with local community leaders to plan local actions, and who can also do work at the govern-mental, national, and international levels.


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