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Installation Archive: A Capsule Aesthetic

Data Visualizations

Visualizations present data in pictorial or graphical formats. The exploratory visualizations in Scalar give you the ability to view content and personalize your navigation through Installation Archive in non-linear and pictorial formats that are impossible to do in print publications. Scalar offers seven different types of visualizations, each of which describes the various structures and connections within individual pages and the site as a whole.

Using the compass icon in the top menu, you create your own Scalar data visualizations on any page to view the page in an alternate format, see how contents are connected, or access the contents through visual diagrams. A sample Connections visualization is featured at the bottom of this page. You can click through it to explore how it works. (Note that this particular visualization can be painfully slow, but is worth the wait.) Additional visualization categories are described in the Contents options below.

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