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Mariko Mori

Mori (b. 1967, Japan) works in a variety of media including photography, video, sculpture, paper, and sound. She joins technology and everyday life through interactive installations that invite participation from viewers and offer the opportunities to explore universal emotions and experiences. In doing so, Mori celebrates the complex connections between humans and nature, past and present, cultures and environments.

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Featured Works
Wave UFO, 1999-2003. Multimedia installation. Brainwave interface, Vision Dome projector, computer system, fiberglass, Technogel, acrylic, carbon fiber, aluminum, magnesium. 493 x 1134 x 528 cm.

Beginning of the End, 1995-2006. Cibachrome prints. Series; size variable. [social media documentation via still images]


Wave UFO Videos as Slideshow

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