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Installation Archive: A Capsule Aesthetic

DIY Video Search

The user-generated videos in Installation Archive were collected from four main sources: Youtube, Vimeo, Google Video, and Instagram. While our process was done manually to avoid inconsistencies or overlaps, the custom DIY search bar below allows you to get a rough idea of our process by searching across all four of these platforms with a single query. You can experiment and see what type of online results you find for the art works featured in A Capsule Aesthetic: Feminist Materialisms in New Media Art, or for other works that may be of interest.

Of course, searching is only the beginning! To learn more about the back-end labor involved in creating an archival project like this, see Project Methodology and Digging into Data.


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  2. Pipilotti Rist
  3. Patricia Piccinini
  4. Mariko Mori
  5. Data Visualizations
  6. Digging into Data
  7. DIY Video Search
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