Theory in a Digital Age: A Project of English 483 Students, Coastal Carolina University


     The economy has been drastically changed by the advancement of technology and the age of abundant information that we now live in. Just as capitalism would have seemed to those living in the feudal system, our new economy will seem strange but it has the potential to revolutionize the views of labor and how we place value. Capitalism can be traced back to the Middle Ages with the start of merchants. It has evolved over the past centuries with slave labor, industrialization, and now information technology. Paul Mason argues that we are in the beginning stages of shift in our economy from the old, capitalism, to the new, what he terms post-capitalism. This new economy is defined by a new understanding of labor, developed by an abundance of information. Such a shift raises questions about what the future will look like in ten, twenty years and how this post-capitalist economy will drive changes in cultural values.


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