Theory in a Digital Age: A Project of English 483 Students, Coastal Carolina University

Concluding the Kevin Spacey Effect

If we are to understand that Freud’s theory of the uncanny is associated with our repressed childhood emotions, then we can draw conclusions as to where we first began to feel this excitement and awe. Celebrities such as Kevin Spacey weren’t frequently replicated in video games until late into the PS3 and Xbox 360 console cycle. Child gamers and young adult gamers grew up with the mere possibilities of where gaming will one day take them. They grew up during the ages where the imagination ran rampant, and they associated themselves with characters. Now, in an age where the association is with established celebrities and the excitement of gaming possibilities has already been ingrained subconsciously at a young age, here we can understand why now is the time the uncanny is affecting our gaming experiences. It transcends the realm of “better graphics” in an age where we have come to expect developers to push the possibilities of reality in video games.

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