Scalar 2 User's Guide


The Dashboard's Sharing tab allows you to set parameters regarding the availability and duplicability of your book.

Availability. To make your book's URL accessible without a login (and thus crawlable by search engines), set "Make URL public?" to Yes. To make your book accessible in Scalar's Index page, set "Display in Scalar indexes?" to Yes.

Reviewability. Here, authors can select settings for Scalar's commenting feature as well as activate the annotation sidebar. The sidebar allows readers to select any span of text on the page of a project and offer queries, comments, and ultimately, initiate threaded conversations about their selection.

Joinability. Setting joinability to "Yes" will allow other Scalar account holders to ask permission to become an author on your book. An email will be sent to you when a user requests book authorship.

Duplicability. Selecting "Yes" will allow you and others to duplicate your book in its entirety. To duplicate your book select "Yes" here and then go to the My account tab in your dashboard and locate "Duplicate a book" just under "Create new book."

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