Scalar 2 User's Guide

Embedding Third Party Material into a Scalar Page

The best way to embed a map, timeline or any other third party platform into a Scalar page is by using an iframe tag (read more about iframes here).
Here's how to do it. 
Click Media icon in your in your Scalar header bar to create a new page, or navigate to an existing page in which you'd like to insert a third party material and click Media iconto edit that page. 
Click the "Source" tab at the top of the page editor.
Find the url where the map, timeline or other material resides.
Paste the code below into the html editor, being sure to insert the url you have inside the quotation marks after src=. Also be sure to include http:// at the beginning of the url you're using. (See below for seeting the paramaters for "frameborder," "height" and "width.")

<iframe src="[your url]" frameborder="0" height="650" width="100%"></iframe>

Using your own url, your code should then look something like this:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="650" ></iframe

Under "Layout," select "Blank Slate."

Click "Save."
Frameborder defines the width of the border around the material inside the iframe; a frameborder of 0 means there is no frame; a frameborder of N (frameborder="N") will place a border N pixels wide around the material.

Width sets the width of the material displayed. Width can be set to pixels or percentages. Setting the width to 100% (as in the example above) allows the iframe to expand to the maximum width allowed inside the main content area of a Scalar page.

Height sets the height of the material displayed. In the example above, we've set the height to 650 pixels.

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