Scalar 2 User's Guide

Before You Begin Editing

Add an editor. In order to complete the editorial workflow, you’ll need to have at least one Editor user assigned to your book. You can add users from the Users tab in the Dashboard by clicking “Add new user.”

Enable editorial workflow. Go to the Dashboard and click the Editorial tab. Then, click “Enable editorial workflow.” Here’s what will happen:

1. Editorial tab now shows current book status. Once you enable the workflow, the Editorial tab updates to show a visualization of the whole book’s editorial state, with instructions for what authors and editors need to do next, and controls for browsing the book’s content.

2. All content is set to Draft state. When you first enable the workflow, all content is set to the default “Draft” state, hidden to the public until published.

3. Editorial banner shows the status of pages and media. Every page and media file will display a banner at the top showing the item’s current editorial state and next steps to push it forward in the editorial workflow.

4. Editorial Path is enabled. The Editorial Path icon now appears in the menu bar, giving you access to a continuous scrolling view of all content in the book.

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