Scalar 2 User's Guide

Accessing Lenses

Lenses can be found under the compass menu in the Scalar header bar. Under the Lenses submenu can be found a link to the Manage Lenses screen, a list of all private lenses accessible to the user (if any), and a list of all public lenses.

(Note that for Authors the menu item for this screen is called “Manage Lenses” while for all other users it appears as “Browse Lenses”.)

Manage Lenses screen

This screen allows the user to browse all of the available lenses, both private and public (only the user's own private lenses are shown). Click a lens to select it and display both its editor and its results in the right column. Clicking directly on the title of a lens will open its standalone page in a new tab, where both its editor and results are displayed in a similar fashion.

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