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Pierre Farman

Pierre Farman (n.d.) was a relative of the infamous Farman brothers. There is little information found relating to Pierre himself, however Henri and Maurice Farman (1874-1958;1877-1964) were great contributors to French aviation in the early 20th century. Both were children of British citizens living in France. Famous for their use of ailerons, the brothers produced aviation products during World War I. Their model Farman F.220, produced in 1935-38, was flown during World War II. Before being transferred to North Africa in June 1940, these bombers participated in night bombing attacks of Germany. Farman’s productions have been said to have served the Vichy regime, as well as the Free French (Crouch, "Henri Farman"; Encyclopædia Britannica, "Maurice Farman").
Letters Mentioning Pierre Farman:

Billotte to Morton; 4/14/1942


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