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Maurice Pinot

Maurice Pinot (1907-1980) was the National Commissioner of Political/War Prisoners (Commissaire National aux Prisonniers de Guerre) from 1940 to 1943 under the Vichy regime.  Pinot was anti-collaboration, though interestingly still a proponent of Philippe Petain (and opponent of Pierre Laval).  During his time as Commissioner, Pinot resisted collaboration policy by fabricating false documentation for many political prisoners, allowing for their escape.  When, in 1943, he was fired by Laval, Pinot (along with several others, including a young Francois Mitterrand) joined the Free French and founded the National Coalition of Political/War Prisoners (Rassemblement national des Prisonniers de Guerre; "Notice biographique...").
Letters Mentioning Maurice Pinot:

Billotte to Morton; 4/14/1942


 « Notice biographique : Robert Pinot (1862-1926) », Revue de la métallurgie, no 5,‎ mai 1926, p. 315-316 

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