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François Faure, alias "Paco"

The name "Pacot" may refer to François Faure, who operated under the alias "Paco"(1897-1982).

François Faure was born in France in 1897 and fought in World War 1 as well as in World War 2. During World War 2, he was taken as a German prisoner in 1940. While imprisoned, he heard de Gaulle’s Appel. Inspired, he managed to get back to France.

After making contact with de Gaulle and the Free French movement, he began to work to pass information from Occupied and Vichy France to England and Free France. For this work, he took on the pseudonym “Paco."

In early 1942, he began meeting with the Communist Party in France and would later pass along their message of support to De Gaulle. While continuing to pass information between the Communist Party and the Free French, he was arrested as a spy and sent to a German camp before being freed at the end of the war.

From this point forward, he lived a relatively quiet life until his death in 1982.
Letters Mentioning François Faure​:

Billotte to Morton; 4/14/1942


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