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De Gaulle to Eden: 8/5/1942

Historical Context

During the writing of this letter, Free France, renamed 13 July 1942 to Fighting France, was situated in only a small portion of French North Africa, as Metropolitan France was split between German Occupation and the Vichy Regime. Charles de Gaulle was looking to extend his military influence in order to work towards the liberation of France, but needed aid from Great Britain to achieve this. It was essential that Fighting France achieve cooperation from Great Britain, as the United States did not recognize the sovereignty of Fighting France, leaving Great Britain as de Gaulle's strongest ally.

Letter Summary

In this letter, de Gaulle writes to the current Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs, Anthony Eden, criticizing Great Britain for carrying out certain supply missions in Metropolitan French territory outside of his authority. He expresses his disagreement to Anthony Eden in saying that he requires more cooperation from Great Britain in order to properly achieve French liberation from Germany.

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