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Emmanuel Episcopal Mission, Garrett (defunct)

Emmanuel Episcopal Mission was founded in 1885 under Bishop David Buel Knickerbacker in an attempt to bring the Episcopal Church to DeKalb County. For a time it was served by a missionary who also had charge of Trinity Mission in Kendallville. The mission closed in 1899 when it had only 14 people. The priest, the Rev. Thomas B. Kemp, filed his final diocesan report before retiring.

Under Bishop John Hazen White, the mission revived for a short time between 1905 and 1920, and a lot was purchased but no building constructed. The acting minister serving Kendallville usually conducted one service a month at Garrett. For a time the services were held in First Presbyterian Church, but the congregation never had a building of its own. The diocesan trustees ordered the sale of the property in 1919. A year later the Rev. Duncan Weeks attempted to revive the mission, and it struggled on through 1924. In 1928 and  again in 1939 there were further attempts, all failures.


Thomas Byron Kemp, 1899-1900
Legh Wilson Applegate, 1901
John Newton Rippey, 1902-1903
William Burbury Magnan, 1903-1905
Hobart Louis Marvin, 1906-1910
Herbert A. Wilson, 1910
Cleon E. Bigler, 1913-1914
A. M. Judd, 1914-1915
E. D. Griffiths, 1916
Charles A. Reah, 1917-1918
Duncan Weeks, 1920-1924
Albert Linnell Schrock, 1924
Clarence Parker, 1939

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