Players' Traversal Protocol

This document, produced on July 3, 2015, was sent in advance to all players to help them prepare for their traversals.  Since most players were familiar with Chrono Trigger, those individuals were specifically asked to traverse versions that were unfamiliar to them. All protocols are modeled from Pathfinder's methodology.
1. Prep 
a.  Principal Investigator(s) will give some general guidance about system and hardware
b.  Player should start with reading the specific player manual or help documentation for the version in question, if such exists. 
2.  Playing
Reader does not have to read aloud the text featured in the video game.  However, s/he should do the following:
a.  Reflect briefly on the progress of the narrative (or experience) (Where are you?  Where do you think you're going…?)
b.  Player should verbalize questions, but PIs will answer only in case of malfunction
d.  Player sets pace; can go as slowly or quickly as desired
e.  Player may quit traversal at any point; we may require up to three attempts, if traversal seems short; aiming at 30 minutes of activity total

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