Players' Interview Questions

These questions, produced on July 3, 2015, were used for interviewing a player following his or her traversal.  These questions were not sent  to the players in advance, so that reactions would be as authentic as possible. At times, other questions were inquired depending on the outcomes of the traversal. Some questions were modeled from Pathfinder's methodology.
1.  Have you played other versions of this video game? If so, which one(s), and how was this playing experience similar or different to it?
2.  Tell me about your playing experience. How does this compare to other Role-Playing Games (RPG's) you may have experienced? Are there any differences or similarities?
3.  What was it like operating the video game? How did the hardware affect the playing experience?
4.  (For Nintendo DS) How often did you utilize the bottom screen of the Nintendo DS, and for what purposes?
5.  (For PlayStation) Did you notice any load time issues during the experience? If so, did these hinder your playthrough of the video game?
6.  In your brief playing experience with this version, what did you like most about the video game? The least?
7.  (For experienced players) What more have you learned or noticed about the video game through playing this different version?
8.  If you had to use a metaphor or analogy to describe this video game, what would you choose?
9.  (For Mobile) Was the lack of cutscenes bothersome to you?

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