Cultural Linguistics

After examination of the original Japanese and English scripts (see SNES Cultural Linguistics), it is clear to see that a change in language transpired when a partial retranslation, undertaken by Tom Slattery, was introduced in the North American Chrono Trigger Nintendo Dual Screen (NDS) rendition. In comparison to the earlier English script, the NDS text is more formal and descriptive, reintroducing Japanese context lost during localization eleven years before. This new formal tone also lent itself to creating a new “middle english” atmosphere (for 600 A.D. and 1000 A.D. primarily), which either helped convey formal language present in the Japanese script, or ultimately hindered the player’s comprehension and understanding of the events taking place in Chrono Trigger. The following is a list of prime examples found in the NDS script, as Japanese culture and language were articulated to North American gaming audiences for the second time.

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