From the beginning, cultural and linguistic barriers between Japan and North America impacted the translation of Japanese cultural material present in Chrono Trigger. As witnessed in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Findings section, loss of contextual information transpired on numerous occasions. However, with the passage of the Nintendo Dual Screen (NDS) iteration came the arrival of a partial retranslation effort, headed by Tom Slattery. Due to a largely established Entertainment Rating Software Board (ESRB) rating system, an ultimatum by Nintendo of America to abolish its long-lasting game content guidelines, and not to mention a shift in prevailing attitudes towards what constitutes prohibited cultural material, Chrono Trigger was ultimately granted more leniency in regard to censorship, unshackling previously censored sexual and alcoholic themes. Furthermore, the ability to include more data, thanks to the NDS’ enhanced storage capacity, various lines of dialogue were reintroduced and many more were recontextualized. The following are a list of major textual revisions and instances of de-censorship that transpired during this third localization. There is also a comprehensive chart from the Chrono Compendium that displays the many name changes of creatures, places, and items, as well as their previous titles in both of the Japanese and English original scripts.

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