Addiction- Resources for Friends and Families

Activities for Teens to Do at the Library or Take Home

The first resource to hand out to teens as they read Clean, is this flyer. With positive messages, it shows a teen, without being "preachy," how to avoid addiction. Or, if a teen wants to take the handout to someone struggling with addiction, it may be a helpful reminder. With the popularity of emojis, card making supplies (pre-cut black and white cardstock ) with yellow stickers, markers, pencils should be made available to create these cards. Suggest to the patron that her or she can make it for a friend who is struggling, a parent, or a sibling."Who I Was/Who I Am" is a great exercise in creativity in addition to giving the patron a visual into themselves. Either as a positive encouragement or as a wake-up call, this activity can bring a teen out of his or her shell all with paper, markers, and their own two hands. Another great project is the "I AM" collage. Provide weeded magazines, scissors, markers and glue sticks. The patron chooses backgrounds to make into "rays" and then covers them in words that describe positive attributes about themselves. Create a display with the art pieces that are left in the Library. "Your Head is Filled with What" is another great collage piece for patrons to explore. Picking out words or pictures to describe a person's life can be cathartic. Leave the supplies on a makerspace table, along with an example, and see what is created. Be creative about how to support young teens in their health! Perhaps have them come in and work with the younger group with their activities.

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