A History of Beer Gardens

Ramona Colorado

The town of Colorado City was a boom town during the Colorado gold rush. While there was no gold per se in Colorado City there were hotels, brothels and gold exchanges where miners could sell their gold and spend their new found wealth. The towns people of Colorado City grew tired of this behavior and as the Temperance Movement gained momentum many cities and towns voted to become dry.

Colorado City did this in an unique way, such that they could keep the revenue pouring in from the miners but not have the town overrun with the wild miners. Colorado City voted in prohibition in 1914 while at the same time the people of Colorado City attempted to annex the surrounding area so they could enforce their morals on the surrounding areas. Ramona was nothing more than a few chicken ranches at the time but their choice to sell alcohol created a township of hotels, taverns and a large beer garden. The difference between Colorado City and Ramona was spirits, wine and beer could be sold at the Ramona Beer Garden.

The people of Colorado City were furious when Ramona became an incorporated township. They worked hard to cut off supplies to the people and businesses of Ramona. As the article below shows the people of Colorado City even tried to cut off the water supply to Ramona.
Ramona was one of the wildest towns on the front range of Colorado up until prohibition was enacted federally in 1919 and went into effect in 1920. The party was over, at least for a while.

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