The Role of Artistic Creativity in the Lives of Israeli Emigres in Los Angeles

Meital Yaniv: Artistic Journey

I came here for interview day [at California Institute of the Arts] and fell in love with Los Angeles in a second.” - Meital Yaniv 

Interview with Kori Decker and Timna Naim

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Meital Yaniv began her artistic exploration of self during her thesis film which she completed at the California Institute of the Arts. She explained her thesis film as her “coming out of the closet” in regards to her political ideologies; the first step toward developing her new worldview. Meital describes her film thesis and her book, each as a stepping stone that serve as expressions of her internal voyage to fight her “brainwash” and find her own voice. Los Angeles has a history of alluring immigrants all over the world for many reasons. For Meital, Los Angeles has embraced her transnational identity, allowing her to reevaluate certain social constructions she adopted in Israel. LA has offered her the opportunity to create and use her art in a way that connects her worlds and empowers her creative voice. 

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