The Role of Artistic Creativity in the Lives of Israeli Emigres in Los Angeles

Meital Yaniv: Spectrum for an Untouchable

SPECTRUM FOR AN UNTOUCHABLE - Written by Meital Yaniv 
“It was image then gap, and again, its me thinking like a photographer.” - Meital Yaniv 

Interviewed by Kori Decker and Timna Naim

Yaniv’s book, Spectrum for an Untouchable is comprised of a compilation of poems addressed to Israel. Yaniv’s book is said to be a break-up letter to Israel from Meital’s autobiographical standpoint. This notion of a “break-up” implies the paradoxical feelings of loss and love. Meital’s book, Spectrum for an Untouchable, elucidates her struggle to make sense of her world by acknowledging a deep-seeded tenderness towards Israel while explicitly questioning Israeli practices through her innovative writing techniques.

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Meital considers all artwork to be inherently political, ultimately calling all artists to encourage public political dialogue. Her commentary on the current U.S. political climate is meant to further conversation in hope of bridging the gap between groups of people whose political views are not aligned. In her opinion, criticism and conflict are necessary to ignite change and promote conversations that have potential to unite all human beings. Meital Yaniv’s journey is to continue to fight for equality and justice through her art here in Los Angeles, California, in hopes of inspiring an international audience.

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