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Carrying a trunk from Blackfriars to Dover station

Type: Service

Excerpt:"There was a long-legged young man with a very little empty donkey-cart, standing near the Obelisk, in the Blackfriars Road, whose eye I caught as I was going by, and who, addressing me as 'Sixpenn'orth of bad ha'pence,' hoped 'I should know him agin to swear to'--in allusion, I have no doubt, to my staring at him. I stopped to assure him that I had not done so in bad manners, but uncertain whether he might or might not like a job. 'Wot job?' said the long-legged young man. 'To move a box,' I answered. 'Wot box?' said the long-legged young man. I told him mine, which was down that street there, and which I wanted him to take to the Dover coach office for sixpence."

Bibliographic Data
Contained in: The Personal History of David Copperfield
Location: p. 127

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