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Salary for a secretary to a school headmaster in Canterbury (weekly and annual)

Type: Service

Excerpt: "If you will take such time as I have, and that is my mornings and evenings, and can think it worth seventy pounds a year, you will do me such a service as I cannot express.' 'Dear me!' said the Doctor, innocently. 'To think that so little should go for so much! Dear, dear! And when you can do better, you will? On your word, now?' said the Doctor,--which he had always made a very grave appeal to the honour of us boys. 'On my word, sir!' I returned, answering in our old school manner. 'Then be it so,' said the Doctor, clapping me on the shoulder, and still keeping his hand there, as we still walked up and down."

Notes: At this rate, the weekly salary would be approximately £1 and 7 shillings.

Bibliographic Data
Contained in: The Personal History of David Copperfield
Location: p. 369

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