Visible Prices

A man's waistcoat, used

Type: Good

Excerpt: "'What do you call a price, now, for this here little weskit?' 'Oh! you know best, sir,' I returned modestly. 'I can't be buyer and seller too,' said Mr. Dolloby. 'Put a price on this here little weskit.' 'Would eighteenpence be?'--I hinted, after some hesitation. Mr. Dolloby rolled it up again, and gave it me back. 'I should rob my family,' he said, 'if I was to offer ninepence for it.' This was a disagreeable way of putting the business; because it imposed upon me, a perfect stranger, the unpleasantness of asking Mr. Dolloby to rob his family on my account. My circumstances being so very pressing, however, I said I would take ninepence for it, if he pleased. Mr. Dolloby, not without some grumbling, gave ninepence."

Bibliographic Data
Contained in: The Personal History of David Copperfield 
Location: pp. 129-130

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